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Osho is a Master of self who
developed a non-traditional way of
spirituality. He combines his philosophy
with spiritual enlightenment,
meditation, and story telling to assist
his audience with learning how to live a
less stressful and healthier life.

He is well known for eradicating the
ego, mind, and self—not killing the
physical body but worldly attachments.

Osho takes you on spiritual journeys
that will have your brow raised with
uninterrupted enthusiasm.

Malcolm X is a man of Wisdom, Master,
National Human Rights Leader, and Raw
intellectual voice not only for Black people
but humanity as a whole. He began his
journeys shattering personal barriers, trials,
and tribulations. However, those obstacles
did not stand in his way to be a proactive
human rights activist who cared for humanity.

Malcolm stated, "I am not a racist. I am
against every form of racism and
segregation, every form of discrimination. I
believe in human beings, and that all human
beings should be respected as such,
regardless of their color."

Malcolm X was
loyal, dedicated member and
National speaker for the Nation of Islam until
1964. After separating from the nation he
continued his own journeys and developed
his new organization, Muslim Mosque, Inc.
And Afro-American Unity (OAAU).
Queene'Faith Is a spirit full of wisdom
and inspiration that speaks straight from
the heart. She believes in Self-Expression
and  being a Freethinker. She began her
journeys as a soft spoken individual, but
blossomed into a voice that is a  force to be
reckoned with. Using the platforms of the
spoken word, poetry, and literature she has
build pillars that will stand beyond the test
of time.

Her blunt word usage has caused quite a
stir, but she stays true herself regarding
her self-expression and freethinking beliefs.

Queene`Faith stated, "The words identified
as profanity has no power over me and
they are words that should be embraced.
You fight with profanity and therefore you
give it power. The word fuck has no power
unless I give it power. If I say make love,
have sex, or sexual intercourse, you say it’s
proper because Webster or King James
told you its correct..." In spite of all of the
diversity and barriers she has managed to
accomplish her inspiring goals.