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Minimum movements with
maximum effects..."a style
without style" or "the art of
fighting without fighting"
~Bruce Lee
{The Legacy of Malcolm X}
"God's Child/Master/Human Rights Leader/Author"

“I am not a racist. I am against every
form of racism and segregation,
every form of discrimination. I
believe in human beings, and that all
human beings should be respected as
such, regardless of their color.”
— Malcolm X
Politics are for egoist. I do not
support anything that slightly
resembles politics unless it is for
the greater good of humanity.

Political Pill Poppers are people
who function solely on a
self-serving system.

Some of these addicts are
inadvertently oblivious to the
common man and what it truly
means to be human.
Politicians are Anal
Rats in a
Cage with directives to destroy.


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RAW REAL TALK Is the premier (Freethinkers Information Platform).

Our mission (passion) is to provide solutions to world crisis and advocate
(Compassion, Love, and Peace). We cover topics from A to Z.
(No! Subject is 2 Taboo.) We pride ourselves on exposing and addressing
topics other media sources refuse to talk about.

The purpose of this website is to provide 24 hour
free resources and information
regarding global issues. Our goal is to Aid, Educate, and Ignite awareness. Most
people suffer from a lack of awareness.
We welcome you to join our movement and become a part of
humanity. We believe in sharing our gifts freely and
spreading our abundance abroad. If you believe you have a
talent, gift of creative thought, or idea you would like to
share we encourage you to contact our organization. We are
open to bringing together creative minds to build a solid

*Stand up and become a freethinker because the world of
humanity is waiting to embrace you.
Please note:  This site provides an open and free opportunity for
creative expression.  As such, it may contain content and materials
which may be offensive to some.  Please use this site responsibly.
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"Study The Art of Intercepting"
We are here 24/7 to help you
Call our ADVICE help line 1-478-247-8255

Be at peace with self then
spread peace abroad...
Humanity First
If not us...Who?
If not now...When?

Be not afraid but be

One love,
Raw Real Talk
     © 2020 Raw Real Talk. All rights reserved.
Stop being set in your ways and move forward. Stop
moving through life and live it. Live your aspirations
not the aspirations of others.
{Freethinkers on the Rise}
Raw Real Talk is a group of creative individuals constantly growing and learning on a
daily basis. We realize we are in a time of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual
warfare. Some of the warfare is: War, Poverty, Disease, Murder, Racism, Drugs, Crime,
and Religious Deception just to name a few.

Often times world crises are reported. However, the organic truth relating to these
crises are not spoken of in the media and solutions are not given. Our Freethinkers
Platform is here to bridge the gap between monitoring the crises and providing
solutions to heal the crises. We use our various gifts of the spoken word, poetry,
lectures, lyrical rhythms, and face to face group contact to connect to the people.

Our main objective is to advocate peace which ignites HUMANITY; and we feel in order
to experience humanity one have to acknowledge or expose the crises of inhumanity,
reveal the truth, and then provide tools to heal the wound of the crises. We believe
everyone should have access to the truth.
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{"The Mystery" Life, Death, And Everything In-Between...}
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We are all searching for answers to the many mysteries in Life, Death, and
Everything In-Between and in this body of work is where you will take your very
own magnificent personal journey and unravel the many mysteries in your life. Our
Freethinkers movement was ultimately created to promote Humanity, Self-
Expression, and to give solutions to Heal Global Crisis. We felt a dire need to create
an animate voice and support system for ourselves and for the people who might be
too afraid to speak up for themselves. We felt a sense of urgency to connect and
bridge the gap between the globally conscious (the aware) and the unconscious (the
unaware) minds by advocating truth and inspiration. Now, you can have a hard
copy  of vital information and wisdom  right at your fingertips.  

In this amazing book we provided solutions and information on various topics—our
motto is, No! Subject is 2 Taboo. We expose the problem... (The Beast) and deliver
solutions with a Raw and Real approach to satisfy the appetite of the realist and to
open the minds of the people who dare to crossover to the Raw and Real side. Get
your copy today because everybody deserves to have access to the truth...