16 Jul

Skin Lightening Cream Phenomenon (NOT)

Dencia African Singer Before and After Pic


I am going to just jump right into this CRAZY shit. Apparently that there is a lightening skin cream on the market that was over in Africa that made its way over to the United States that promises to turn you LIGHT SKINNED (white as fuck) in just 7 days—WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON…MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE, MY FUCKING PEOPLE. There is some celebrities that has already tried this product and has taking pictures with the product proudly posing for the camera—CHEESE…This is a fucking outrage and is INSANE. Allegedly, CELEBRITIES like Ravaughn (female singer), Charli Baltimore (rapper), Claudette Ortiz from (R&B Divas Los Angeles), and some others have tried the product. I mean some of the BITCHES (women) already light skinned or was on the lighter side are using this shit. Women our self-esteem is shitty.

A singer from Africa named Dencia endorses the product and she is light as fuck but she use to be on the darker side—the before and after picture is literally crazy. Actually, this woman is on the front of the box looking like a white ghost and the box says, Whitenicious by Dencia. Therefore, I do not know if she was the creator of this shit or some fool made her a guinea pig and she fell for the okey doke. I am saying this, if a product can turn you white in 7 DAYS and you are STUPID enough to use it, HEY, what the fuck, and whatever happens to you, you have to take responsibility for the way your body will eventually start to break the fuck down.

Another b4 and After Pic of The Use To Be Brown and Now She Is Light skinned Dencia


One thing I will say, regardless if this is real or a (HOAX) we already know that there are tons of skin lightening and bleaching cream products on the market that black people or people of color are buying every single fucking day. I swear S&R (Slavery and Racism) really fucked us up as a people on the real. *People we need to start to love ourselves as we are and only then we can love one another.


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