15 Jul

Whitney Houston (A Legend Being Desecrated After Her Death)

Whitney Houston

After the sudden and untimely death of R&B Soul Vocalist Legend Whitney Houston, some insane entity decided to do a biopic about her life—WAIT, I know this is supposed to be a good thing but it is not because the biopic is a lifetime movie—WHAT! I am outraged and the mere thought is utterly ridiculous. There are several reasons why this was a stupid and disrespectful idea that very well could come to pass. There are a lot of artists (celebrities) out there that died and only certain people in the entertainment industry deserves their life to be memorialized on film and Whitney is definitely one of those artist/celebrity’s. However, it has to be done in a tasteful and respectful way that represents the artist perfectly. In this case, it is just in the production stage and I am already completely unhappy. In fact, I am not the only one expressing my disappointment in this cheesy idea. Whitney Houston’s family is totally annoyed and is outraged and I do not blame the family for feeling disrespected for this travesty taking place—the family is considering filing a lawsuit to STOP! production “ALLEGEDLY”. The family main concern appears to surround certain factors and one of them being that their beloved was too big of a celebrity and Icon to have her life summed up in a television movie—I wholeheartedly agree—again, this is a STUPID idea. I was surprised and in disbelief when I found out who was behind this foolishness—oh, Angela, Angela, Angela.

Angela Bassett is the culprit for this disaster—she is the director of this madness. What was she thinking? I appreciate her efforts but I believe it is a slap in the face to all concerned because a legend of this caliber deserves to have their life depicted in theaters everywhere. I could not possibly give you an in-depth breakdown of Whitney’s achievements because I could not possibly do that but I will tell you that her achievements reach further than a ridiculous corny lifetime movie. Her iconic excellence is and was just too elaborate and masterful. No lifetime movie can depict her essence, humble beginnings, triumphs, and her struggles in a way that truly make sense to the audience. It was pointed out that Ms. Bassett is on a tight schedule and it is said that she has a very short timeframe to film this biopic—that is ridiculous. Why would you rush a project of this nature? Bassett has her own feelings about the role she plays in seeing to it that the film is produced, and why she decided to have a hand in the film’s production. Bassett said, “I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story.” Well Angela, I am pretty sure a lot of people feel and felt they was or were close enough to her to tell her/their story but have you ever thought or considered that they do not want to disrespect her memory in any way.

There are so many things wrong with this idea and the execution. Personally, if I had to point out a negative I would have to reveal that I do not like the choices of the main two central characters that will be playing Whitney and Bobby (YaYa Dacosta and Arlen Escarpata—people think that makeup, wigs, a Gumby haircut, and just being black is going to cut it and it is not. I cannot express my disappointment enough about this atrocity. I hope this movie is stopped dead in its filthy lame tracks or completely shuts down period. Maybe if it is halted the people involved will get very discouraged and rethink their approach.

Whatever happened to the commonsense idea of Whitney being on the BIG SCREEN at the THEATER like an ICON should. The family of Whitney proclaims they are planning to go about memorializing the ICON the way she would have wanted and if Whitney was still alive this foolishness would not be happening. Voices are whispering in the wind that has the scoop on how the family is planning to honor their loved one life story—a production much like Michael Jackson’s “This is It” film. This film was a HUGE production at the THEATERS the way an ICON and LEGEND should display their artistry—from the “perspective of the artist”.

People have to understand the difference between honoring and desecrating the person to be remembered or the living being you are honoring, it just so happen that desecration is more shameful when the person is dead. It is a shame that you are not celebrated until you die in most cases in HOLLY-HOE-WOOD. It is CRAZY a person have to die to get the respect and honoring they rightfully deserve. Hollywood is a cruel and a despicable place.

I would also like to point out that although Whitney Houston is related to Dionne Warwick, Whitney is a legend in her own right—she had success because of her efforts, hard work, determination, and her own natural talent and not just  because of her connections to others in the business. For anybody to suggest that her life and lifetime achievements be summed up in a commercial filled lifetime movie they are sadly mistaken and painfully stupid.

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