7 Steps to Achieving Your Goals
Now, let’s talk about how you can achieve your goals in being successful.

First, make a list of what you want to achieve. It does not matter how big or how small or how many things
you want to achieve. Never limit yourself.

Second, Once you have completed your list circle the goals you want to accomplish in the order of self-
importance. Don’t base which goal you complete first on how quick you can get the goal completed. Some
people have a need of wanting instant gratification and if they can't achieve their goals instantly they become
discouraged. However, do not become discouraged because how fast you complete a goal do not determine
your success with the goal. Remember quality not quantity.

Third, don’t base your goals on other people. Live your aspirations not the aspirations of others. Meaning
look at your life, examine the things you are interested in.

Example: Your friend aspiration and desire is to be a lawyer and your friend wants you to be in the same field
of work. However, your interest is not in law. In your heart you want to be a photographer.

You have to stand up for your dreams and do what is going to make you happy. Often times, we as a people
feel pressured or can be persuaded into doing things we do not desire.

Why do people feel a need to do and say things they do not desire? Because, of standards, judgment, and fear.
Do your best and stop living fear base.

Fourth, meditate and focus on positive affirmations. What are affirmations? Affirmations are confirmations.

Example: if you repeatedly say, “I am successful…I am successful…” over and over again. Trust me you
are setting your life to achieve success. I will give you some affirmations you can say daily to assist you in
achieving your goals.
(Positive Affirmations)

What is meditation? Meditation means to engage in deep mental exercise directed toward a higher level of
enlightenment or spiritual awareness. If you mediate on positive enlightenment than that is what you will
receive and achieve.
(More about Meditation)
Fifth, stay away from negative environments and rid yourself of negative thought patterns. Surround yourself
with positive people and positive thought patterns. Surround yourself with people who share your same way
of thinking. Surround yourself with people who may want to obtain different goals but is seeking a positive
environment. Remember, do not associate where you do not relate.

Unless you feel it is your calling to be a teacher, leader, or advocate of some sort and that path may cause you
to be in such an environment. Because, people who are advocating humanity often times have to go to the
corrupt environments to heal those corrupt minds.

Example: A cat would not keep company with an elephant or a bird would not keep company with a dog.

Stay away from negative people because negative people have a interesting way in migrating toward your
space to break you. Negative people want you to entertain their negativity. Why? Because energy in general
regardless if it is positive or negative energy has a peculiar way of Attaching itself emotionally. Although,
some might feel these two energies cannot take up the same space at the same time. Negative energy appears
and presents itself in odd ways to tempt you into accepting its negative feedback.  

How do you stay away from negative people? Don’t put yourself in positions to deal with people that you
know are negative.

Example: When you are conversing with others and you do not agree with another person’s opinion do not
get mad or agitated. Learn to agree to disagree without being negative and purposely disagreeable; meaning
learn how to accept people thoughts and ideas without getting angry at them. Some people enjoy negativity
and taunt others with their negative energy. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Learn how to handle
negative people by staying positive.

Example: You are in a grocery store shopping and the cashier has a negative attitude and says something rude
to you. Always say, "God Bless You!" When a person is negative or says something negative and you bestow
Gods blessing upon them what can they do or say? Only thing they will most likely do is remain speechless or
wallow in their own embarrassment.

Six, open yourself up to positive energy; meaning don’t block your blessings. People in general tend to block
their blessings out of habit. We as a people are use to embracing the wrong energy.

Example: Someone presents you with a get rich quick scheme and you need the cash flow to pay your bills
but you know in your heart something does  not feel right. Do not get involved and talk yourself into believing
this is Gods way of sending you a blessing. Because I personally believe God would not or will not send
money through hurting another person mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially. So be
careful and be aware of people who tell you that you can make quick money.

You have a lot of organizations that are doing fraudulent things to take advantage of innocent people. Most
people think because the organization is connected to religion that it is not a scam or negative. There are
people in the world that will use or have used Gods name to do fraudulent deeds.

Seven, Let God guide you and do not let your ego control your decisions. What is the meaning of ego? Your
Ego is one of three divisions or parts of the psyche that is the conscious mediator between the person and
reality; meaning self-esteem or self-image, conceitedness or self-self importance. Our ego is generally
motivated through our determination to control other people to please or appease ourselves because of our
social or physical environment. Or our ego can guide our own self interests oppose the greater good of all

Example: You work for an advertisement company and your goal is to move up to a higher position. Your
boss wants you to create a pitch for a new Campaign. In seeking this higher position you learn you are
required to work in a group to present this project. The project was a group effort. However, one of your
team members decide to make you look incompetent and he or she takes all the credit oppose to admitting it
was a group effort.

This example shows self-importance and ego. How? Because the person was willing to lie, make his peers
look bad to advance in his or  her career to feed their own ego. His or her goal was self motivated not for the
greater good for all concerned. The negative party was willing to step on others to get to their goal or goals.

People who do wrong to others, step on others to reach their goals, and never apologize when displaying
negative energy will reap negative results in the end. This act shows lack of character and love not only
toward their peers but for themselves.

Most people find it hard to say, I apologize! Because of their ego and grandiose attitude. Egoist often times
present false realities to make themselves feel more important than the next person.

Often times, one feels if they apologize they are somehow less of a person or weak. Being apologetic makes
you strong and it shows content of character.

I know this was a lot to take in and process immediately. However, if you follow or apply these basic rules
you will have success and have more control over your life.
               © Raw Real Talk