To have wisdom you must have a liberal way of thinking. Liberal meaning
open minded and willing to compromise with another person’s way of seeing
life. It means not being judgmental because a person has a difference of
opinion. If, you don’t acquire the same taste as another individual just quietly
step away.

He who does not ask will never learn but suffer from ignorance. Negativity
don’t build pillars it just erupts them. But, speaking the truth of inner peace will
generate a positive flow of abundance in your surroundings. If, you don’t
acquire the same taste as another individual either compromise or quietly step
away. Either way you will have peace of mind.

What is inner peace? Inner peace is when your mind, body, and soul are at rest
from the tangible realities of life; the qualities of life that does not go with you
when you leave this physical body; the materialistic things that brings us

What is peace of mind? Peace of mind is a state of heaven that exists above
and beyond materialistic or monetary abundance. It’s a solid foundation of
creative works constantly flowing. Creative works meaning god’s gifts from his
kingdom. Intangible gifts from god’s kingdom: (Love)

What is love? Love is the intangible gift from god’s kingdom. Love generates
the energy of peace; happiness, joy, courage, trust, and strength; and these are
just a few examples of this gift.

What is a gift? A gift is a miracle or blessing generously giving to you by God.
A gift is an intangible or tangible gesture that gives you pleasure.

Mentally you see heaven instantly when this gift is received. Now the challenge
for most of us is giving this gift to others.

How do you give this amazing gift to others? You give the gift to others by
spreading love; which provides compromise and understanding that generates
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