Written By: Love Being Black

If black people were racist how would the world be today?
Dare to experience the mind of a Black Racist...


I woke up this morning loving nothing besides my family. My first
notion was fuck humanity I rather choose my own sanity. I was
sitting in the passenger seat on my way to this institution called
school when I was watching the trees, landmarks and green lights
as I listened to my mother talk to the water company. Listening, I
realized that my mother wanted a two day extension on the bill
which they quickly denied her and that only added salt to womb.
Entering the doors of a building full of racism, prejudice, bias and
just unexplainable theories I walk to a study lounge and took a
seat that leads to my many discoveries.  

I sat there observing and wondering why. Why I hate white people
so much.  I look to my left and then to my right and I saw four white
people and only one black person excluding myself. To be
perfectly honest it bothers me. I yet again stand corrected; another
cracker has entered the soup. I can’t sleep, eat, walk, or learn
without seeing, hearing or being around a white person.
Sometimes I wish I had a symbol or better yet an object that
brought a feeling of uncertainty and fear among white folks, like a
lynch, whip, chains or better yet a boat.

I will no longer deny that I am a special grade of racist. I am just so
tired of playing good nigger every time Molly, Bob or Katy walks
pass. I blame the white man for everything that is wrong in this
world, I think about the world and I it is hard to keep my sanity. I
look at the disaster in HAITI and HURRICAN KATRINA and tears
come to my soul. The white man is killing my black people, and the
white woman is just letting it happen. As I am now writing this three
more crackers has entered. I am now surrounded by bird shit, god
it smells so bad in here. I can feel my lungs closing up, my skin
itching. If I was not on a mission of observing & reflecting I would
leave the room and consider it contaminated.

I noticed that every time a cracker enters my space and it is
noticeable to me my skin color gets one shade lighter. The score
is now nine to one, crackers are in the lead. I have decided to
create my own rules in life starting with the English language.
Crackers believe that Afro Americans cannot read or write and if
they can it’s not grammatically correct.

I will admit that I can’t spell for shit but who cares if I right
write, the whole idea is ludachris. My flesh gets week every
time I sea a white person.

I am drowning in words like totally, dude, gosh and Awesome. The
clan that was sitting to my right has just exited but the clan leaders
remain to my left. My skin color is now slowly getting back darker I
can feel my native African roots growing back into my skin. The
clan leaders are still speaking on topics such as religion, race and
politics. Many are wondering how I can be certain that this is in fact
the topics of discussion at the clan leaders table. I know this
because I heard three key words, Jesus, monkeys and Bert
Reynolds.  I am assuming the reference to church because the
clan mentioned Jesus. I am assuming the reference to race
because they mentioned monkeys. I am assuming the reference to
politics because they mentioned Bert Reynolds. Who knew?

I am now sitting and searching for cracker imperfections and I see
one. I can see two dictionaries next to the clans table. Maybe I
should walk over to the dictionaries and read a passage so that
the clan man can see that niggers read more than just food
packages. Check this out I just saw a Jolly cracker. Now this JC is
looking directly at me while smiling. What is a Jolly cracker?

A Jolly cracker is a cracker that smiles in your face and calls you a
nigger in their head. Their afraid to approach you so they always
precede with caution, in a JC head their afraid that you are going
to snatch their purse or ask them for money so they walk briskly
into the nearest white facility.

I have been thinking about inventions made for Afro Americans like
food stamps, government cheese, projects and government
housing. Oppose to inventions that was once white but turned into
a black thing like, buses, GED and kool-aid. I think what upsets me
the most is that the white man keeps making money off the black

I just recently saw this movie called AVATAR it made 500 million
dollars. As I watched this movie I saw that it was about Native
American tribes occupying a different planet made up of beautiful
mystical jungle called Pandora. (Pandora meaning: a source of
many unforeseen troubles.) I noticed that the American army of
course comes to this place and tries to kill the Native Americans
for their land and resources. They tried to include that if the
Natives complied with their demands they would build schools and
teach the Natives. So when they invaded this plant full of Natives
they referred to the Natives as (Blue Monkeys). I am a little
stumped to their reasoning of making the Natives blue but most
importantly calling them monkeys and to add insult to injury they
have a white man befriend the Natives and so call save the Natives
from the American Army. Wow!

I noticed that in every movie (Freedom writers, Precious) a white
image or a so called lighter image is the savory to the black
misguided youth. So I am guessing that Afro American can’t save
an Afro American or an Afro American can’t save a White
American. Until next time Wow!
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