We all live in a fear based society of illusions and lies. The worst kind of mind is a man
that is deceitful and creates illusions to fool a mass of people—imagine if you really knew
the truth.

The Truth is a Freedom not borrowed but courage earned. We borrow freedom because we
are truly afraid to live. We are nothing more than desperate beggars asking your fellowman for
Freedom. Are we foolish or just been fooled?

The Truth is we have been fooled because of the wicked mentality of the illusion (Hollywood).
The pretenders (secret society evildoers/evil energies) have duped you into signing your life
away by tempting to become apart of a society—a second world that does not exist.

This movement and organization is created by freethinking energies that are fed up with the
Hollywood Illusion. What is the Hollywood illusion? The Hollywood illusion is the media: The
Movie Cinema, Television, Radio, Music, Internet, Newspapers, and Magazines. These
mediums are poisoning, killing, and controlling the minds that consumes these tainted sources
of communication.

Let's define the word Illusion: the action of deceiving, the state or fact of being intellectually
deceived or misled, a misleading image presented to the vision.

What is Hollywood? Hollywood is The American Motion-Picture Industry and Hollywood is the
central location for entertainment. Everything you consume socially and psychologically:
Motion pictures (movies), Food, Television, Music, Magazines, Drugs, and Sex etc. Is idolized,
developed or redeveloped in Hollywood and migrates to Las Vegas.

Where is Hollywood? Hollywood is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California also known
as: The City of Lost Angels, City of Angels, and the Entertainment Capital of the World and also
referred to as La La Land.

Las Vegas is another place people want to go, be recognized, and make a name for
self. Nick names for Las Vegas have developed like Sin City, City of lights, and the
popular overused phrase, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

How is entertainment mediums tainted? These various sources of communication are filled
with negative entertainment that provokes and tempts us as a people to live destructive lives.
The Entertainment provided through these mediums is flooded with Subliminal Messages to
corrupt the minds of not only our children but our adult minds as well. Television commercials,
advertisements, movies, music, children and adult programming are filled with these hidden
messages controls your mind on a conscious and subconscious level.

Sensationalism has become the ultimate nemesis for celebrities and Hollywood turned creative
sources of communication and technology into negative outlets to keep people preoccupied
from the realities of the real world. They use negative stereotypical items and objects and
glorify them to confuse your mind. You have to learn how to filter out the illusion from the truth.
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