Dear Diary, This is an entry for the everyday woman. Who life is like a story, filled with love, pain, and
glories. The emotions that includes constant struggles and worries.

Actions Leading Up to Sex:

Now you are just an entry in a Rolodex, if you say no, it’s on to whoever is next. It might start as a phone
call or as a midnight text, anything after twelve is only about sex.

You can call me tonight. That sounds like something that I would like. I really don’t know if I am your type.
So he feeds on your insecurities, by saying. I like red bones, browns, darks and midnights. I like all
women; I don’t have a specific type. I promise to love you and treat you right. I promise to agree with you
and not fight, to make my wrongs right.

This sounds good in theory, but would he really? This is that “Until I get it, until I hit it, until you are down
with it” Mentality. When you get use to me, I am going to be an asshole fallacy. All men follow your lead,
so don’t send signals that they could misread.

Wear clothing that don’t expose your thighs and breast, don’t talk or mention anything about sex. Just a
small window of opportunity a man will see. So in the beginning most men try to feed you, show you how
good he can treat you. He will open doors and let you go first, even maybe hold your purse. This is an
act to apprehend the booty remember in the end this is his only goal and his only duty.  

If your man is the type that just don’t seem right. That is cheap and takes you to his momma’s house
every night. That makes excuses and is always cancelling or is always late. That never spends one dime
on you, but expects you to do everything he asks you to.
WARNING this is a bum, walk away and don’t
look back. Because anything he will offer you will be nothing but sex.

Now let’s get back to Mr. Potential. Now remember his mission, but always listen to your woman’s
intuition. He is like a child or a pet, which will only do, what you allow him to. So now you guys are giving
each that wow factor. This may be something; this may be what you are after. Women don’t let your
emotions drive you; one moment of weakness could mean him inside of you.

You make this man wait, until he has upgraded his dates. You keep raising the stakes, make him chase
you; don’t allow him to change you. With time, everything will be revealed, and if he is the real thing he
will feel as you feel. Don’t be afraid to say no, actions leading up to sex, determines what will happen
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