Dear Diary, This is an entry for the everyday woman. Who life is like a story,
filled with love, pain, and glories. The emotions that includes constant
struggles and worries.

The average Relationship:

You have the woman pondering on reflection. While the man, is not facing in the right
direction. She wants to bite the crust off of his lips, suck his finger tips, while he is only
concentrating on her ass and hips. She takes the pain inflicted by his fist, while hearing
his sorry followed by a kiss. She is in love, and he is in lust. She is pain, while hanging
on to this idea of trust.

Her words are screaming out for attention and a deeper meaning. While she is
screaming he is scheming. She has so much built up frustrations; he solves his by
constant unwanted penetration.  She feels hurt by the things that he do, but she shows
it by not following through. She loves him, and he thinks he loves her too. She gives
everything she has, while he takes all he can fast. She always puts him first, while he
always puts her last. She washes the dishes and takes out the trash.

She lay down every night, with him between her legs. Wondering why they have yet to
wed. He has once again lied and mislead. She cooks, cleans, and builds up his ego.
While he is slowly letting her go. She fears the factor of losing him, not knowing if in
heart she is choosing him. She is settling because she does not want to be alone. She
does not want to be strong, all on her own.

She gives up, and then gives in. She calls it quits then she calls him a friend. He takes
advantage of her insecurities, and starts making her feel guilty. Now it’s sex without
distinctions, and feelings without meaning. He uses her when he is bored or need his
“ego” stroked. He calls her when he needs his cheer leader, or his sympathetic mind
reader. He plays her emotions against her, and knows he has no intentions of
changing for her. He lures her into sin, and pain, while never changing and continuing
to play games. Placing blame in the wrong places, while showing the same vindictive

She knows what he is doing, but is denying self of true substance. She plays his game,
until he is done. She stays the same, while he has won. He walks away, taking her hard
work with him. While she is angry, wondering why she was ever with him.  He is now
with someone new, someone other than you. Your pain is mixed in with jealousy and
rage, you’re going through the “I hate you stage”. You are putting some energy into
him, while he is focusing on new trim.

Oh! How sad, you still to this day is angry and mad. He stills makes your heart hurt,
and makes tears roll down your face. While you are still searching, wondering why you
always come into second place. While he always secretly thinks about you, think about
how better he could have been with you. How he miss you, and all you use to do. He hit
your line with call or a text. Poking around, trying to see how your life sounds. If you
have not grown you will pick up the phone, if you have grown you will not answer, and
tell the devil to just leave you alone.  
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