Dear Diary, This is an entry for the everyday woman. Who life is like a story, filled with love, pain,
and glories. The emotions that includes constant struggles and worries.

An encounter with DRUGS:
The things a man can talk you into. They try to persuade you, into doing things, you just don’t do.
Stupidity, thinking this action will make him like you. Now you ignored your woman’s intuition, you
followed this ignorant mans mission. You just did not listen; you didn't see the harm in trying,
considering fact that he was the one that is buying.

You told yourself most black people do it, your friends, your many pass men and now you. Just as
stupid for trying it to. So he picks you in his hoopdee, you thinking is he going to try to subdue me.
He tells you to not be afraid, to just chill and relax and be brave. He shows you two rolled up blunts,
its only marijuana, there is no need to be afraid. So in fear your response is shortly delayed.

You say ok, because you think this will make him stay. Making him realize that you trust him, and
would do anything in order for him to not walk away. You just want to spend time, never mind the risk
you must take. You don’t want to come off as not cool, or fake. So he lights the joint, smokes it, and
put it into your hands. Your mind just locks up, and goes into this ignorant “But I love him” trance.
You take deep puffs, and you pass it back, not knowing all of the facts.

Where did he get it from? Is it laced? How is it going to make me feel? Is it too late? Your heart starts
to race and you start freaking out. Your head hurts, and you don’t realize or remember the words
that are coming out of your mouth. He is giggling and tells you stop freaking out. You see images,
lights, and bunnies. He starts laughing and you tell him, that it is not funny. You’re secretly scared
but don’t know what to say. Wishing you would have had went the other way.

You’re rambling, and your head is doing some psychedelic shit. He passes it back, but you tell him
you need to quit. You thinking in your head this is it. He finishes it off, as he is driving the car in
circles around the block, you feel uneasy, and your body feels like it’s on lock. You are high, and you’
re scared, you never thought you would feel this wired.

He drops you off back home, he leaves you alone. You’re high for hours, off of a half of blunt. You
secretly pray, to let these wired feelings go away. You say god, if you get me through this, I promise
to never ever do this. Your high is gone, and you’re relived. Finally you can just open your eyes, and

You were stupid; you sacrificed your life for a man. You not only had an unnecessary encounter with
drugs. You had an encounter with death. You let one stupid decision be all of you, which could have
been the only thing left.
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