Religion has stirred up a serious commotion since the beginning of time. It’
s time to breathe new life into the spiritual world. Love should be the
foundation for spirituality not the illusions around the church. Various
denominations and organizations want people to believe their way is the
only way into heaven or to be in Gods favor.

Everybody has access to God not just one particular religion. Ever religion
wants to claim the dominion over the spiritual world and have rights to God
but Thy Father God is all of our father. Some of his children have strayed
into the arms of the devil because they were beguiled and that is
unfortunate but you can be saved from evilness if you change the way you
see life.

God gives his love and blessings daily. Some people are too selfish to
realize their blessings. If you want to be closer to God don’t define yourself
through religion define yourself through righteous deeds to save humanity
from harms way. Remember to always love God because loving God gives
you the strength and power to love others.
              © Raw Real Talk
Spiritual Awareness