I have notice that I have lost my way, every day I am trying to get
closer to happiness. Fate is a wired concept to follow, because the
future will always change according to the choices that I make. I
feel inadequate, useless, tried, and unhappy at times, frustrated,
and confused. I could try to understand the concept of fate, but it is
just too much for me. You know why I am unhappy? The issue of
not having MONEY but I don’t want to kill myself; I don’t think that I
am unattractive, I am healthy and I am blessed.

MONEY has paralyzed me mentally, not having it now at this time in
my life makes me feel not in control of my own life. My happiness is
in the hands of a green sheet of paper; my fate is in the eyes of a
dollar bill. I hate MONEY, If, I could wish for anything in this world it
would be that MONEY never existed. That goods and services were
done out of kindness and respect, I am only dreaming out loud

“Oh Lord I come to you with my fears in my hand, I only ask that
you bless me. Please excuse my past sins and unholy discretions, I
am only asking you to bless me. Hold me in your harms lord and
guide me through this road of negativity, I give you my love with
open arms. Oh Lord please bless me, everything I say shall be
done.  Your Holy Kiss upon my face shall uplift me, and give me
strength.  If I ever shame you lord please forgive me, and accept
my love for you Amen”
Remembering Your Blessings
           © Raw Real Talk