If you take a look at the media today you will see very few images
that reflects people of color. The only images our children have as
an example is scattered throughout the media and predominantly
people of color exist in the entertainment industry through music
and sports.

Why? Because white America has created a force field around
mediums that express our culture.

E.g. the black images that do exist are in the music industry, radio
personalities, BET television, which stands for black entertainment
television are a representation of a crisis that is still in affect.  This
is racism at its finest. We were pushed to one television station,
which a black man does not own presently because Robert L.
Johnson has sold himself out to white America.

In 2001, Johnson became the first African American billionaire when
he sold BET to Viacom for $3 billion. After the sale, Johnson formed
the RLJ Companies, where he began new business ventures in
sports, hotels, lotteries and restaurants.

This is a clear example of monetary temptation. Mr. Johnson
preferred money over having an outlet for his black people.

A clear example of Racism

UPN network announced that television programs  with people of
color such as Eve would not be moving to The CW (upon UPN's
merger with the The WB) and was thus canceled along with the
program All of Us (which was later renewed) and Half & Half.

This shows you the carelessness and reality when it comes to
greed, money, and selfishness. The white man want to use and
expose black people for their own selfish pleasures.

Now, black people are swamped with Hollywood reality television
because that is the only place black people feel they can fit in to
get noticed as people. Everybody and they momma wants a reality
show to become more popular; or to get notice to break into the
Hollywood madness.

In the movies you barely see blacks unless they are an extra or the
main or leading character. And, how often people of color are main
characters in major flicks?

Our children are programmed to watch television stations such as
Disney or nickelodeon and those stations are Caucasian conflicted.
Meaning white dominants those channels as well.

Imagine how black children feel seeing only white images are all
they have to relate too, and that is not realistic.

What is realistic is this is the kind of world we live in today. We are
in a race war with a forever ticking time clock.

Now what we need is true diversity. Not liquid down
diversity…throwing in a few black people when you want a little
color. Have you noticed in movies and on television programs they
throw a little color in now and then. Perhaps, a person of color as a
friend or a stand in character. That is an awful pacification for
people of color.

People stop falling victim to racism and find another way to practice
your craft or gift. People of color do not rely on television to show
your creative abilities or talents. Share your creative abilities
through other outlets to connect with people.
            © Raw Real Talk
Racism At Its Finest