Politics Is Hollywood
Raw Real Talk 2008

People are popping politics like it is drug. People
found every way to involve themselves in the
political madness. Once again the government
goons fooled the world into believing in their
bullshit system.

President Bush was full of shit and so were the
presidents before him and every president that
will come after him. How can people believe in a
government that is killing innocent people
everyday? We are being bamboozled and then
poisoned by these politicians, which create our
hatred toward one another.

The government is foolishly slick. They have
created titles and war; and brainwashed wanna be
politicians and everyday people into believing one
title have more power of authority over another.
Being a democrat is no different from being a
republican. It is all bullshit!

These are all just titles to separate us as a people.
Separating us a people is apart of government
policy. Saying a democratic is more liberal and a
republican is more brutal is the government’s way
of creating friction among the politicians and that
creates friction between us as a people.

Last year’s election was another twisted sick way
to get the people heated up. Think about it…

Example 1: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
was throwing verbal stones at one another and
creating slanderous campaigns to sway votes:
Humanity vs. Humanity to gain a title of power.
Somehow Barack Obama felt he was more
qualified for the title of president because he was
a black man and somehow Hillary Clinton felt like
she was more qualified because she was a white

Example 2: the president has no more power than
the government that he is apart of. President
Bush created a war because Poppa Bush said,
‘Son, press the button.’ Other government
officials controlled the president’s thoughts and
whatever leaks out of his mouth.

Barack Obama has to understand and abide by
the rules since he prevailed. His thoughts are not
is thoughts anymore. He is a robot waiting his
date to be destroyed by “the white house.”
Barack Obama feels he is more entitled to be
president because he is a black oppressed man in
a struggle for his people and John McCain is
white so he knew he was entitled. John McCain
used a white woman to gain sympathy votes
because of his fear of loosing to a black man.
Typically McCain would rather see a white
woman (Sarah Palin) in office before a black man.
              © Raw Real Talk