My Dear African brother from my tribe back home
I have some grievances about this new land
That is both strange but familiar to me:  

I looked into a crowed of gilded youth
& Saw ABSOLUTELY Nothing
No love, No personality, No dreams, No hope
Just BULLSHIT (Excuse my African French)
When I came to this conclusion
I saw that 85 percent of that crowed was
African American

-My sister, don’t be fooled by mere allusion-

My brother you must understand
I love my color not my race
I would call them niggers to their face
Just as white society has done or still does  

-Why my sister, do you feel the way that you do?-

     I say:
Because I am afraid of being robbed
Yes Robbed! (No joke)
I am afraid of being Killed, degraded,
Betrayed, hood winked, and bamboozled
By A race of Niggers

-There your own people my sister-

I fear my race not my color my brother
Never have I stared at a white guy & been afraid
A white man has never whistled at me
 Called me out my name
Waite! Now listen Brother
I fear my race not my color

-My sister their must be a mistake, some confusion to all this heartache-

I say No “Get your hand out my pocket” “Gone now! Get! Just stop it”
I fear the night road
Because of what is up ahead
Not a cracker in sight
Just a niggers black hand

-My sister, the very same hand that raised its fist in the air and shouted “Black power”-

To my recollection I say so
My brother, my brother, you must realize
I fear my race not my color (You know)

Nothing but children false flagging
These nigger cults called gangs
Niggers killing niggers
What a Dame shame
All for a stoop on the corner and some paper in their hand
     Dare to dream my brother
These are no black panthers or Marin Luther King Jr. (s)
        They have no dreams

Just niggers on a ship
A black man hanging from a tree
“A boy” in the south
Nothing to care about
Nothing left to see

See my brother
That’s why I call them niggers
They are nothing like me
I fear my race not my color
My color would never track me down
Hunt me at night
Take my last dollar
Take a blind woman’s sight
A Nigger won’t Kill me A Nigger will be killed
I Fear My Race Not My Color
My African Brother...

                              PIECE BY: Macala
Copyrite & Terms
            © Raw Real Talk. All rights reserved.