Since the 9/11 attacks in 2001 the truth about who was responsible
for the heinous inhumane act still hang in the balance. The
retaliation that began years ago is still very much alive. American
soldiers and Iraqi citizens are still under attack and we ask why?
This is one of those rhetorical questions that linger in fellow
Americans minds and people all around the world in one way or

The United States of America overthrew another country under
false pretences.  President Bush exposed his stupidity one to many
times and left us to question his intelligence let alone his tactics.

Why are we as people still believing in a man let alone a
government that lied and lies to its country? Bush claimed the Iraqi’s
government had weapons of mass destruction however no evidence
was ever recovered to prove this to be true? The question is not
whether Iraq’s government ever had weapons of mass destruction
this is about the integrity and humanity of the people of the United

President’s Bush excuse to activate an unneeded war raise the
blood pressure of many and the government futures intentions are
very much deadly not only for Iraqis but its own country.

The rumor about protecting our country will always be just a
question. Nonetheless, does protecting your country mean killing
your own. The act of violence and ignoring reality was always our
way out and another way for us not to face up to our responsibilities
as a people. Our country has questions and so does the rest of the
world and it is up to our governments to responsibly answer these

How come our government did not rescue the people within there
own country?

E.g. Hurricane Katrina was an act of a natural disaster true enough.
However, President Bush response to rescue the people was not
evident. He cannot rely on the weapons of mass destruction excuse.
Neglect was our government’s solution. The deaths and
desperation from Hurricane Katrina shows the evil handed nature of
the United States.

You (the government) say you are in charge and you are governing
over the country than it is your responsibility to take on our burdens
as a people. You said you wanted to be the head dicks in charge
and the only thing you are using your dicks for is to fuck your own
country. It is sad but this is the reality and the state of our country.

The 2008 election is considered to be a milestone for many but we
have to understand the blood dripping from this election. Some say
it will be historical if Barack Obama wins and others say it will be
disastrous if John McCain wins. Nonetheless the outcome has
already been decided without our votes.

The illusionary fight for liberation is preposterous and is
nonetheless redundant. Other countries are suffering fighting for
rights and privileges we are all born with (freedom and liberation).
We all have foolishly giving up our natural born right to be free
spirits and free beings. The questions rest on the shoulders of free

Will you continue to let fear of another man hold you back from your
natural born right as a human being to have free will? The country
you live in has nothing to do with that.

Is 2008 just another tag marked down in history for our future
generations to try and sort out? Is our trials and tribulations another
pool of blood that will be forgotten? These are questions that need
to be answered here and now.  Will the blood ever stop being
shed? Will we ever have a president and or a government no matter
the country that does not follow the seven deadly sins: lust,
gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.
Our World In Rewind
Hurricane Katrina
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