The Obesity Conspiracy

In America, obesity is a conspiracy, an agreement made by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or
wrongful act. To some It is wrong to be fat in this nation. Now America wants to play the blame game, and
inappropriately place blame for the obesity outbreak. So who is to blame? Blame the American food
corporations, and different healthcare avenues which are profiting from obesity in our nation. Now let’s explore
some common factors of the obesity conspiracy, through the ideas of parents & home life, American
corporations, and National acceptance.

The American Dream is not reality; parents are working more than one job to still qualify as the poverty stricken
and suffering. Parenting most of the time is about convenience, and what’s more convenient than bringing home
fast food after a hard day of work.  Being over worked, stressed, tired, and financially frustrated calls for
desperation. In the eyes of a hard working struggling parent, fast food saves time and money . The reality is that
many parents are too tired and overworked to have the time to be active parents in their kids’ lives, let alone
have time to make decent and healthy meals.

Most of the time, bad food becomes the babysitter; parents feel the need to stock the house with bargain junk
food in order to satisfy their loved, but deprived children, in order to feel complete in their lives.  They say you
are what you eat; I say you are what you can afford. American parents, who are mostly in a bad financial
position, think quantity over quality. Instead of buying healthy foods and obtaining less, why not buy unhealthier
foods and obtain more.

In the essay “Don’t blame the eater”, David Zinczenko states “Shouldn’t we know better than to eat two meals a
day in a fast food restaurant?” (196). We do know better, it’s just hard to obtain and do better. Knowing does
not necessarily mean growing; parents must overcome the obesity conspiracy and obstacles and do better not
only for themselves, but for their children.

The number one suspect in the American obesity conspiracy is the American food corporations. The earnings of
a corporate dollar, is worth putting lives in danger. American corporations choose money, success, and power
over the welfare of everyday Americans. American companies and corporations promote cheap, bad processed
foods. Corporations glorify being unhealthy and support the obesity conspiracy, and then blames everyday hard
working Americans for them being fat, but. “Advertisements don’t carry warning labels” (Zinczenko 196).
Promoting bad processed foods is just as bad as promoting drugs or alcohol.  

“Fast food companies are marketing to children a product with proven health hazards and no warning labels”
(Zinczenko 197).  The fast food industry is marketing unhealthy products to children, and this shows that the fast
food industry has a lack of care and concern for the health of American families. The fast food corporations are
deliberately selling unhealthy products, showing the overall image that making money is more important than the
health of others.  

Why is it that the American government is playing games with the situation of obesity? “Government can do only
so much without doing too much” (Wigglesworth 1). This statement could not be more falsified and ignorant; the
government should do as much for me as I do for it.  The American government wants to blame Americans for
being fat, while their profiting from corporations that make us fat. The American government wants to raise the
price of living today but pay everyday Americans the same wages of tomorrow. If this is not a conspiracy then
what is? The American government made everyday society see being fat as a handicap or a deformity. The
American society is prejudice against fat people, and I wonder why? Wigglesworth states in the article “We know
we’re fat” “Kudos to first Lady Michelle Obama for leading a youth exercise class on the white house lawn” (1).
Credit is being wrongly given to Mrs. Obama, for leading an exercises group on the white house front lawn. She
promoted being healthy and staying fit for all the wrong reasons, and executed it untruthfully.

Why must the American government confuse and distract everyday Americans from the truth.  The concept of
image has taken over the American society.  The image of the first lady, leading a youth exercise class on the
white house lawn is an insult to everyday struggling Americans. The image of an already so called healthy
famous woman promoting Americans to exercises, on her wealthy estate is amusing. Not only does this message
negatively target suffering poor obese families, Mrs. Obama glorifies what everyday struggling Americans don’t
have, and is dying to achieve.

I do agree with Wigglesworth when she stated “we don’t need the government food police to inform us that
eating an apple would be healthier than a bag of chips.”(2). Struggling Americans don’t need the American
government pretending to promote healthy eating habits; struggling Americans need the American government,
to promote being healthy, and choose a side, and not profit from both.

Fast food corporations are not the only corporations that are profiting from Americans being overweight, health
care companies, hospitals, private facilities, and pharmacies are all profiting as well. By America being
overweight, a lot of health issues come from the type of foods Americans eat and how everyday Americans
bodies react to them. In the article “The Dangerous effects of being overweight” Choudhury states that  “Did you
know that around 20 – 30% of people suffer from cancer due to being overweight, Did you know that the heart
disease risk increases with an over weighted body? Obesity and abdominal fat are another two risk factors
leading to diabetes as well as Heart Disease. (1)” Keeping Americans fat, is a huge profit to organizations and
corporations, such as the hospitals and private facilities. Americans treat these diagnose by taking medications
that doctors prescribe, provided by pharmacies, and health care companies. Some Americans are taking
obscene amounts of meds a day in order to control diabetes and cancer.

The fast food corporations and corporations that promote unhealthy foods are getting Americans fat, and then
Americans are sent to health care companies, hospitals, private facilities, and pharmacies to treat, pay, and buy
their medication to fix a problem that these very corporations created. It is an assembly line of profit, if this is not
a conspiracy, then what is?  The government profits from every corporation in America, even if the corporation
promotes or not promotes healthy living, and good eating habits.

America is based upon social acceptance, and being fat in America is not acceptable. Being discriminated
against for being fat is just as harsh as being discriminated against for being a certain race. The conspiracy of
American obesity is an epidemic branching from other political problems in America. American obesity is the fault
and problem of all Americans, both rich and poor, both struggling and financially settled. Americans need to take
responsibility for promoting bad health and this awful epidemic, however great or however small. Americans
need to take a stand against being unhealthy, make better life style choices, and make your government work
for your support, understanding, and approval. Stop being a victim in this tragic obesity conspiracy epidemic.
Americans have to promote self awareness and truth, Americans need to take control of their health and stop
entrusting it within others.
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