Are you thirsty? Are you seeking knowledge and
information and do not know where to begin or
where to look?

A good place to begin is within self. See how much
you know naturally. Most of us would be surprise at
our natural gift of knowing.

Everyday situations and circumstances can teach
you in a way textbook learning cannot.

Often we are fooled into believing that everyday
school system curriculum's is the only and the most
important information to obtain but that is not so.
There are many things in the world God created
can give you knowledge that can help you survive
in today's society

Take the necessary steps to see what you are
seeking and what are your interest.

We have to understand we all have different
interest.  What you are interested may vary from
another.  Be your own person and see what works
best for you.

Standards were set to define our relevance in this
world. Do not be apart of standards and what
another person feel you should learn. Educate
yourself and broaden your horizons according to
your lifestyle and how far you feel you want to travel
in life. Do not let others define you!

Success is in the mind and success is what you
make it. Succeed your hearts desires and what
makes you truly happy. Do not let standards dictate
your success.
Knowledge Seekers
   © Raw Real Talk