Don't Be A Victim

Children are being abducted, sexually abused, and
murdered everyday and the assailant in majority of the
cases reported is someone the victim or family knows or
has seen before.  Do not be fooled by the myths
regarding child abduction and sexual abuse. Making your
children believe they should only be mindful of strangers
is misleading. However, you have to let them know to be
just as careful with people they know.

Most of us do not want to believe that someone you
have grown to trust and love would do such an act but
you can never be too careful.  You have to remember
when someone is sick in the mind their relation to you or
their affiliation with religion has nothing to do with their
decision to make your child their victim. We have to face
reality and be our children’s eyes, ears, touch, and smell.
You might notice strange or uncomfortable signs about
an individual a child may not recognize and vice versa.

Most parents do not give their children credit to have
enough instincts when something does not feel right to
them. You have to trust your child as well as your own
instincts. Do not be a selfish and or a foolish parent and
feel like it cannot happen to you, your child, or your

Facing The Truth

You have to face the reality someone you know or love
has already experienced being sexually abused and
somebody in your area has been abducted. Do not let the
suburban neighborhood look and feel fool or distract you
into believing your child is safe. You have to realize a
man or woman’s sickness is not limited or excluded from
a neighborhood or the ethnic background of your child.
All children can or are targets for predators.

So, talk to your children and the people you love
straightforwardly about sexual abuse and the sickness
another individual may have. Educate yourself and your
family in away that is affective enough to protect them.
Talk to them in a realistic manner because talking to your
child and giving them all the necessary information on
child abduction and abuse can save their life as well as
the lives of others.
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Child Abduction