The bailout tainted the minds of fellow American’s. The panic over
the economy crashing. That is nonsense there is a much bigger

The media coverage around the made up crisis is ridiculous. There
is an enormous picture that we as a people are not aware of or we
are ignoring the reality of this sudden eruption (crisis).

The secret is there is no us it is just them (the government and rich
folks). The government is protecting millionaires and billionaires not
everyday working citizens.  

Somehow we as a people are being persuaded to believe this
decision affects all of us wholeheartedly.

The only thing that affects all of us is the government’s sneaky
devilish ways and we are calling their asses out.
Bull Shit In Rewind
For most of us that do not understand politics are trying to see
American’s- Are you going to vote and who are you going to
vote for.

The political jargon used to persuade and bamboozle
individuals to make you believe one individual is more
qualified than the other is another way to confuse the people:
Democratic, Republican, Independent, President, Vice
President it is all bullshit.

The presidential election is dominating the media and the
presidential debates are the icing on the cake. If you are one
of the many people tuning into the madness we are pretty sure
you have followed the debates as well.

This bullshit about vote yourself interests is all an illusion. The
government has rules and regulations and the Presidential
debate is all about persuasion.

Political pill poppers as we like to call them are engulfed in
this psychotic energy and fucked up Roller coaster high.

The la la land of who will make a better president and vice
president is all about negotiation and who will be a robot for
the government.

E.g. Sarah Palin is John McCain side airhead chick.  John
McCain is a crook and he is using Palin and she is either to
stupid to know it or she is in on his schemes. Palin has puppet
strings dangling from her body parts and a stick up her ass
saying what McCain wants her say.

McCain is the governments robot and he is using her to attract
the attention of female voters and it is not a good look. Being
a soccer mom and having a Down syndrome son is the
campaign she has been endorsing so the American people
can support her.  

However, Palin is in favor of a deviled faced man that said no
to all of the things that will help the American people but they
say they are fighting for America. They both are liars and she
is confused about her position in life and in this political
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John McCain
Joe Biden/Barack Obama
Sarah Palin