A person’s behavior defines them; make them who they are. A
person can alter their neutral behavior or personality to fit a
certain type of environment, which can be a specific group of
people or certain type of building.

The word nigger was used in many different ways by many
different types of people. It was used to express endearment,
approval, strength, or in fact indecent. The most common usage
of the word is as a term of endearment or strength towards a
friend or associate. Your community and the outside world are two
completely different types of environments, so a person may feel
more comfortable using and hearing the word nigger in their
community oppose to the outside world.

If a person was to use the word nigger in the outside world
towards someone of the opposite race, that would be considered
indecent or racist. There is a time and place for everything,
including written vs. Spoken language. A person bases their
language, word choice, clothing, behavior, just overall
appearance on their environment. The environment can make the
persons behavior. The word nigger is so easily spoken around
friends, family, and associates without really thinking of the
meaning and context of the word.

The word means to be ignorant and to posses a since of not
knowing, it does not matter who uses it or how it’s used. The word
itself is an insult. It is not for endearment, approval, or strength of
any kind it is in fact indecent and its meaning has been taken out
of context and abused.
Behavior Vs. Environment
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