Go green

In today’s world our resources for standard living is becoming more
challenging and with inflation I know you feel like your hands are tied and
there is nothing you can do. However, if you
GO GREEN than you are shaping
the world for future generations to benefit from earth’s natural resources.  

What does it mean to GO GREEN? It is all about being resourceful and
maintaining our planets natural resources. Become more health conscious.
Recycling things we use everyday is a good start: batteries, electronics,
plastics, paper bags, and aluminum cans.

If you do not recycle it can be detrimental to your health. E.g. If you throw away
old batteries or electronics eventually the harmful chemicals will leak and be
expose to the groundwater and go into the soil and harvest that grows your
fruits and vegetables.

We have to be aware of how our daily choices affect the whole world we live
in. As a people we do not realize how much power we have and how we can
make our world a much better place to live in. When you pollute you are
destroying Mother Nature’s natural gift from God.  

Keep in mind how you go about your daily activities and how it affects your
planet. There is so much pollution in our air from the cars we drive, the
cigarettes we smoke, and the synthetic foods we eat. Think organic and eat

What is organic? It is foods and products that are not synthetically and
chemically grown or tampered with. Discover a natural and much more
healthier way to live.
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