Education in America (One of Many Slave Systems)

This country’s educational system is a joke and one of the most destructive diabolical ideas created. The
irony behind “the educational system” is destroying the overall general awareness of all concerned. The
very definition of education is diabolical by its own means—to persuade or condition to feel, believe, and
or act in a certain way. Instead of teaching our children overall awareness, self-interest learning, and
individuality the education system is programming our children to be zombies. The floodlights are on and
we as a people have become hypnotized deers in a road of oncoming traffic. How many deers (people)
have to be hypnotized, hit, and killed before we become aware and take action?

This country’s educational system was ranked terribly compared to other countries globally. According to
the President this country will be back ranked 1st place by 2020. The accurate date of 2020 is very
puzzling in my mind.

So, with a raised brow of suspicion, I asked myself, why is the president so confident he will produce this
goal by 2020; when there are so many other critical issues that have never been solved in the history of
America—poverty and unemployment being two of these very critical issues. Is it that solving poverty and
unemployment does not serve any financial benefit and education does. This country monetary greed
seems to be first priority. Everything within this country’s circumference seems to be based on shallow
and inhumane ideologies.

The false slogan (the Land of the free) has become the prime example of hypocrisy and greed—the basic
necessity of free education does not exist and the people are not truly free. How can the land be free when
you have to pay for education? How can something be free but you have to pay at the same time. Loans
and financial aid does not exactly qualify as free and scholarships are only given to a chosen few.   

The very heart of a country should be its people and integrity. However, regarding the integrity of this
country the system have exemplified flaws and very low standards—poverty, unemployment, war, and
racism is at a very critical stage proving once again the people of this country is not priority. What is the
prime focus of this country’s political system? What is their function? What does the political system have
planned for its people? What is their prime goal? Have you ever wondered why world crisis and crisis in
this country still exist?

The educational system and this country as a whole has falling to the waist side to embarrassment and
failure. We have doctors, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, scientists, and we landed a man on the
moon. However, we do not have the cure to the common cold, poverty, racism, unemployment, and a
failed educational system.

I smell a rat as big as Mount Rushmore—imagine the stench. Perhaps, this country is not in competition
with other countries but in cahoots and the target and competition seems to be with its own citizens.
Meaning the plan to improve the educational system in a positive direction to benefit all not some is a farce
and the words reform, system, and programs is entertaining deadly wordplay.

As parents we want to have faith in the system and have high hopes for our children regarding their
education. Many of us are extremely focused on education not even realizing the school system has
become at best—bad babysitters for our children. School facilities are just temporary prisons and detaining
centers. We feel a good education will somehow offer them a chance to escape the grim realities—poverty
and inhumane treatment. Not even realizing our children will have to face these realities regardless of their
educational background and experience. Perhaps, eradicating poverty and inhumanity should be the prime
focus and goal for 2020 not reforming education.

Examine the condition of the world in its current state—poverty, crime, murder, war, and racism. Your
children are faithfully attending school and still experiencing these crises. When have a good education
healed the bigger picture—world crisis. These realities are part of the illusionist plan and your children will
not escape the evil plan because they have a good or bad education.

It is sad to say, education has lost its positive essence and have been corrupted. Education needs to be
independent and reconstituted with awareness and self-interests. But this will not happen and cannot
happen as long as we trust, believe, and stay participants in a system that has its direct orders and function
to concur and destroy.

It is a shame that instead of guiding our children out of harms way and the hardships black people have
been trying very desperately to escape from; we are running toward the very system that entraps our
children and set them up for failure. The killer web (the system) has entangled and entrapped our very

Education was original designed for white people point blank—for some it might sound harsh but it is the
truth. Education was a so-called privilege Black people and Negroes were denied in the past. Education
was a forbidden fruit and the slave owners punished the slave if they were caught reading or writing
(learning/awareness). People (black people) do you find it strange suddenly education is advocated by
political figures (devils advocates—supporters of evil like George Bush advocating the no child left behind
program) and these figures are being very adamant about two of their deadliest schemes—healthcare and
education? Think about it!

The word program is synonymous (alike in meaning) with the word system. They use words like program
and system for a specific reason. Identify these words in your mind. They use these two words in all of
their scams and schemes of illusions—television programs, government programs, reform programs, prison
system, educational system, and healthcare system.

Is the truth becoming clearer to you? A program is a plan or system under which action can be taking
toward a goal—what is the goal. System means an organized set of doctrines, ideas, or principles usually
intended to explain the arrangement or working as a whole—who’s doctrines, ideas, principles and who is
the whole (the brain behind these systems and programs.) Meaning all of these created systems and
programs are one in the same.

Words and terms like program, system, project, and classified has become nemesis’s for the majority of
humanity. Education programs have being promoted and advertised like a car, food, or drug commercial.
They are selling you a product, lying about the ingredients within the product, and about the benefits you
will receive when using the product. The commercial advertisement says one thing but you receive
another—deadly side effects (unemployment, poverty, and death) which can result to the customer
potentially becoming jobless, homeless, a menace to society, or a criminal that will eventually become
incarcerated (modern day slavery).

Are you apart of the sick madness? Are you one of those people who feel the system is really going to give
you your due (a promised career, job in your field of study, security, and success) and not just a piece of
paper with a meaningless signature.

Do not be fooled by this country’s slave system. Have you ever asked yourself why education is not free
in this country (The Land of the Free?) There are too many inconsistencies and noticeable flaws in this
repetitive cycle regarding education and the other slave systems in this country. When you are dealing with
illusionist you will have nothing but chaos and confusion.

The concept of education (knowledge and development) alone is not the problem. It is the system created
around education. Some might say use the system to your advantage. What advantage do you really
receive? Is that an excuse to continue in the vicious cycle because you are looking for some delusional self-
fulfillment or desired outcome in the end? Phrases like “a means to an end.” and “I am going to college to
have a bright and promising future.” has become overused slogans to program your mind.

The system (devil advocates) has programmed you to believe two things—education is the path to success
and wealth. However, they forgot to mention the third side to the story—you are nothing more than an
cyborg waiting foolishly and aimlessly being stuffed with useless information of noninterest. How many
doctors and lawyers care about history? How many English majors care about math?

My point being is the system feed a conformed repetitive curriculum of no true benefit and interest to you
or your children. You are in their eyes nothing but a computer being programmed with what the system
feel is best for you. You are at best an idiot to the people who created this mass destruction of madness.

You have two forces in the educational system—traditional core curriculum learning and untraditional
learning (self-interest based learning.) This country’s educational system embraces mandated curriculum
learning and untraditional learning is not properly represented nor advocated.

The rules and regulations in school facilities regarding freedom of choice learning has taking a backseat to
mandated learning—the system forces (program) your children to learn what the system feels is necessary.
Where are your rights as a parent or individual being implemented and advocated? Everything you taught
your children before releasing them to the system has been destroyed and lost. The very nurturing you
instilled in your children, your parents instilled in you has been damaged, and for some destroyed and
beyond repair.

The system is destructive. It is so destructive god and prayer was banned out of schools. However, the
system advocates and mandates (forces) your children to learn about Hitler, cults, and other evil doers in

Most people do not want to believe one can be self taught and self-interest learning is critical to all who
wish to learn. You can educate yourself through nature—the natural resources of the universe. You can
educate yourself through reading and studying material from libraries and other resources. Do not be
fooled by the repetitive and vicious cycle of the school slave system.

Often times we make the decision to jumpstart or catapult our careers through obtaining a higher degree of
education. Not realizing the illusionist are creating obstacles and forcing you to work full time and making
it almost impossible to have the basic necessities in life—at least black people have to struggle for the basic

When or if you finish school will you get lucky enough to even find a job? So, they tempt you with the
option of education through various sources (army) and make you believe you will be allowed a better
opportunity—but a better opportunity in who eyes. Better and standards of living is a matter of perception
and the illusionist has altered your very perception of self-importance and self passion.

They dupe you into feeling your entire self-worth is a piece of paper—a degree. A degree was invented to
serve the ego. A degree is useless in the current state of the world because standards are now based upon
accomplishing the secret plan of a society you are not apart of. The system always been shady but some
serious drastic changes has happened over the years.

In the past one could be a teacher with just a high school diploma and very little college if any. Now the
system place black teachers in black schools and white teachers in white schools. And if I am not mistaken
education is colorless or is it. Currently if a person have a desire to become an educator the system make
the program so rigorous holding high hopes inspired black educators will avoid this profession altogether.
Or, they are betting on failing test scores because the tests are rigged. How diabolical can a person be?
You play by their rules and you still lose.

The illusionist cheated you through the entire game. You followed their rules and regulations like a piece of
machinery—now what. The system have you believing you are a piece of shit with no self-worth if you do
not obtain their piece of paper with a meaningless stamp of approval, and a pasty (white) putrid mans
signature on it. Now you ask yourself, “What am I going to do in the world if I do not go to school?”

You have to realize more than likely you are not going to truly experience success through education. You
cannot or will not obtain true success in a self-serving system you did not create.

The evil doers are brainwashing you with the illusion of programs, systems, and projects to keep you
preoccupied. Are you wondering why they want to keep you preoccupied? The reason being is because
the world is in a serious shift (awakening) and the depopulation effect is active (manmade catastrophes,
earthquakes, chemtrails, killer viruses, toxic poisons in your foods and medications, war, disease,
incarcerations, and mysterious disappearances.)

Our loved ones are faithfully going to school and work and some may not return back home ever. Why?
Because, the evildoers destructive inhumane behavior is running its course and we have falling into its trap.
Something supposedly innocent as education, making a living for your family and human rights has turned
into a silent and deadly conspiracy.

We as a people need to wake up from the dead. The evil energies are distracting people with the
educational system, job system, and dogmas (beliefs and doctrines). We are sending our children out alone
in these dangerous streets and trusting them with strangers because we are depending on other people to
educate and care for our children. Our babies are now being handed over to the system as early as six
months to a year old.

How can you trust in any system that is self-serving and create obstacles where you are forced to work
and not be at home with your children. Parents and family are separated damn near ten to twelve hours of
their day because of this self-serving system. Become aware and stop wasting your time with that school
rubbish. You can learn without being locked in a system.

When you graduate do you feel you are really going to get a job? Ah! No! Stop kidding yourself. This is
not to demolish your dreams. However, I am telling you the fact of the matter. You are going to kick
yourself in the ass if you continue to waste your time with a game you will never win. When you play with
cheaters you get cheated. When you sleep with evil you birth the devil and vice versa. When you ingest
lies you harbor and speak lies.

Learn how to love your self and move completely away from the vicious cycle of illusion. You are wasting
time playing a game you are never bound to win—ever. The time you wasted on nonsense you could have
been spending time with family, advocating humanity, and awakening your conscious mind with elements
that truly matters to you. Meditate and acknowledge your true self and feel your center (spirit).

People are concerned with 2012—is the world going to end. However, people are not aware of what is
happening not only globally but right in their backyard. People are dying daily and in a deep trance because
of inhumanity and greed. And, you are concerned with school, useless trinkets, and entertainment. There
are tangible and intangible booby-traps set for humanity created by the same illusionist you are putting
your trust in daily. Those evil folks do not give a damn about you and your dreams. Think, take a deep
breath, and look around you. Trust me you will see what I mean.

I know this revelation hurts and is very painful to accept and some of you will remain in the vicious cycle.
However, remember this if you do not remember anything else I say to you. For anyone to purposely keep
a people unlearned, unaware, and enslaved is the blueprint of evil. And, to experience such inhumanity is
the worst kind of torture. Free yourself from torture.

The Majority of Humanity is in a dramatically written screenplay. Our characters, decisions, behavior, and
choices are not understood in our own minds but by our audience—the true playwrights (the devil

Food For Thought

Freedom is a truth not borrowed but courage granted. We stay slaves and borrow freedom because we are
truly afraid to live. We are nothing more than desperate beggars asking your fellowman for Freedom.   Are
we foolish or just been fooled?
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