Here is a useful link to some Recommended Literature we feel will make
excellent reading. There are many ways you can obtain information and education.

So, please do not limit yourself to one source. Read literature from various
resources to broaden your mind and educate yourself.

There are brilliant and wise people from all walks of life who want to share their
thoughts with you. Stay connected and read, listen, and watch the world you live in.
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Our library has literature based upon various perspectives. The way a person view life
depends upon ones perspective (viewpoint). Often times our view of life can broaden
in a positive aspect if one can learn how to obtain elasticity in ones thinking.

Be willing to look at and or examine various viewpoints to educate your mind further.
Who says learning can only take place in one setting or a traditional setting.  

Learning with an open mind is the best way to expand knowledge.
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It does not matter what subject or style.
Come one...Come all.

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