*Frequently Asked Questions*

{*} Where can I subscribe to Raw Real Talk.com? You can goto our links page and
double click on the link that says Raw Real Talk Videos and you then can subscribe
from our You Tube videos page.

{*} Can I request a topic for Raw Real Talk to talk about? Yes.  

{*} Do you talk about everything? Yes.

{*} What is the best time to talk live to someone at Raw Real Talk? 24/7. If you get a
recorded greeting we are on the phone attending to someone else and please leave your
information and someone will return your call.

{*} If I decide to call the advice hot line will the conversation be confidential? Yes. All
calls are private and confidential and we will not share your private information with

{*} How can I become apart of the Raw Real Talk Staff? Send us an email and in
detail let us know how you would like to support our movement and we will contact
you to converse about your ideas.

{*} Can I make suggestions to improve the Raw Real Talk movements? Yes. All
suggestions are welcomed and we will definitely give your suggestions in-depth thought
and consideration?

{*} The 24/7 telephone number to Raw Real Talk is it a free call? Only long distance
or international rates apply.
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