Become a mentor and be a positive influence in your
community. There are many ways you can be
proactive and circulate positive energy. We are in a
time of physical, mental, social, and spiritual warfare;
and the world need your help. Bless Mother-Nature
with your positive energy and you will be blessed in

Everyone has to take responsibility for their own
actions and build more productive relationships with
your neighbor. Love your neighbor as you love
yourself and pass the torch of HUMANITY.
Rebuilding The World One Voice at a Time
~Take A Listen~
Take the steps toward
Create your own
Humanity drive to ignite
humanity were you live.
If we all take
responsibility to create
positive energy
individually, we can
ignite positive energy
Positive Energy Source
In today’s world our resources for everyday living is becoming
more challenging. You may feel as if your hands are tied and
there is nothing you can do. However, if you GO GREEN future
generations will benefit from earths natural resources.

Natural fruits and vegetables is Mother-Natures way of loving
and nurturing humanity. What does it mean to GO GREEN? It is
all about being resourceful and maintaining our planets natural
resources. Become more health conscious. Recycling things we
use everyday is a good start: batteries, electronics, plastics,
paper bags, and aluminum cans. If you choose not to recycle it
can be detrimental to your health and all of humanity.

E.g. The dumping grounds are full of toxic waste, garbage, and
if you throw away old batteries, electronics, and chemically
based waste eventually the harmful chemicals will leak and be
expose to the groundwater. These chemicals will seep into the
soil and harvest that grows your fruits and vegetables.

We have to be aware of how our daily choices affect the whole
world globally. As a people we do not realize how much
creativity and power we have individually and collectively.
Humanity can make our world a much better place. When you
pollute you are destroying Mother Nature’s natural gift from
our life source (God).

Keep in mind how you go about your daily activities and how it
affects your planet. There is so much pollution in our air from
the cars we drive, the cigarettes we smoke, and the synthetic
foods we eat. Think Organic, Eat Organic, and Be Organic.
Become a natural resource. If you love Mother-Nature she will
love you in return. What is organic? It is foods and products that
are not synthetically and chemically grown. Discover a natural
and much healthier way to live. Do your best to live off the land.
Mother-Nature is our natural life source.
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