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It all began 25 years ago. The history of our movement derived from the compelling need to
express ourselves in the way we desired without restriction.

We noticed the lack of self expression and truth in the media and literary industry and felt the
need to make a change. Therefore, we created a platform where self-expression was
welcomed with open arms without judgment.

Our literary voice is combined with eclectic (various sources) elements. We pride ourselves on
organic raw self-expression and honesty—we compare self-expression and honesty to water
and oxygen—without water and oxygen you will not survive. And, that is how we feel about our
Freethinkers movement.  

Our speaking and writing elements are Raw and Eclectic. Raw Real Talk displays strong
content material as well as soft tone material. Our vocal and literary art is daring, bold, and
risk taking to some.

Nevertheless, we have extreme sensitivity toward our listeners, readers, viewers, and visitors.
However, we must focus on our Self-Expression values and exercise our liberation of being
Freethinkers—we suggest everyone to do the same.
    We are shattering the barrier of silence and fear.
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Welcome to our website. Thank You, for taking the time to learn more
about our organization and movement. We are glad that you are taking the
necessary steps to learn the truth and become more aware about the world
you live in. Our goal is to provide you with useful knowledge and universal
tips to survive this terminal crisis we all face as a people.
We as a people live in a fear based society of
illusions and lies. The worst kind of man is a
man that is deceitful, creates fear, and illusions
to hurt and misuse humanity—imagine if you
really knew the truth.  Do you want to know the
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